Network Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Forensics

FlowTraq® provides software and services for high-performance network monitoring, analytics, security and forensics to detect a range of network behaviors, including distributed denial of service (DDoS), brute force attacks, botnets, worms, network scans and other network traffic anomalies. More »

Superior network traffic visibility and analysis.
Detect and alert on suspicious activity in big networks with traffic flow rates of 1M+ flows per second. More >>

Advanced network behavior intelligence.
Detect suspicious data movement, DDoS attacks, botnets, host scans, and much more — within seconds. More >>

Full-fidelity network forensics.
Full data recall to understand what happened, for how long, and what other systems may have been affected. More >>

“I never knew that was happening on my network, but I can see it clearly now.”
Customers consistently tell us that FlowTraq is the fastest at exposing potential network issues
— and even finds problems that other security products don’t.
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Built for Today-sized Networks
FlowTraq provides network security analysts with visibility into what’s happening on high-performance networks, handling network traffic flows of over 100Gbps without sampling or aggregating flow data.

Try it for yourself
Qualified organizations who wish to validate FlowTraq’s network security capabilities may try FlowTraq free for 14 days to detect unusual and potentially malicious network traffic patterns.