Superior network traffic visibility and analysis.

Detect and alert on suspicious activity in big networks with traffic flow rates of 1M+ flows per second.

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Full-fidelity network forensics.

Full data recall to understand what happened, for how long, and what other systems may have been affected.

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Advanced network behavior intelligence.

Detect suspicious data movement, DDoS attacks, botnets, host scans, and more within seconds.

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About FlowTraq®

FlowTraq® provides software and services for high-performance network monitoring, analytics, security and forensics to detect a range of network behaviors, including distributed denial of service (DDoS), brute force attacks, botnets, worms, network scans and other network traffic anomalies.


Built for today-sized networks, FlowTraq — which is available as on-premise or cloud-based software — provides network security analysts with visibility into what’s happening on high-performance networks, handling network traffic flows of over 100Gbps without sampling or aggregating flow data.


Customers consistently tell us that FlowTraq is the fastest at exposing potential network issues — and even finds problems that other security products don’t. Find out why >>


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