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We understand the difficult challenges facing the cyber defenders of complex organizations with large networks.  FlowTraq was specifically founded to help cyber defenders who are increasingly forced to deal with ever more complex security events while budgets are being squeezed year over year.  Our goal is to improve the insight, visibility, protection, and understanding of network infrastructures.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a powerful, scalable, easy to use, and affordable superior product that provides security through netflow.

Our Product

FlowTraq is a high-performance network monitoring, security and forensic tool that speeds up incident triage in the Security Operations Center and detects anomalies in network traffic that are typical of hacker behavior. Read About Our Technology >>

Our Team

Meet the security industry leaders, network security experts, and the management team that have become the voice and brains behind FlowTraq’s patented technology. Meet Our Team >>

Our History


Dr. Vince Berk and Dr. George Cybenko built Process Query Systems, LLC, focussed on the cybersecurity needs of national defense. InterMapper Flows, a network monitoring application used by thousands of customers worldwide InterMapper Flows was sold and is now serviced by Help/Systems.


Dr. Vince Berk and Dr. George Cybenko co-founded FlowTraq to apply big-data analytics to cybersecurity.  They built FlowTraq on the premise that network visibility is a necessary companion to the log visibility commonly found in the NSOC.


FlowTraq expands into the cloud and launches the world’s first cloud-based NetFlow analysis solution with a ground-breaking pay-for-what-you-use approach to billing for consumption.


The second generation Network Behavioral Intelligence engine is launched and available to all customers, supporting a best-in-class range of security detections to support the cyber hunter in defending all of the enterprise, not just the border.


Moved Headquarters to Manchester, NH to accommodate a growing team with growing needs.

Our Solution

FlowTraq focusses on providing a fresh and unique solution to the discerning security conscious operators of networks big and small.

FlowTraq distributes software and services directly and through channel partners to customers with sensitive data, skilled cyber hunters on staff, and complex DDoS mitigation needs.

Our Partners

FlowTraq forges strategic partnerships that ensure we provide the highest quality service for standards-compliant software.  Learn more about our partners that help customers like you protect your network and brand! Meet Our Partners >>

Our Customers

Big brands and education institutions are trusting FlowTraq to help them understand the traffic on their network. Why? Because we do all the cool things with NetFlow to protect your network and we never stop innovating. Our customers range in industries:

> Multinational E-commerce Corporation

Worldwide Video Game Brand  

Global Aerospace and Defense Technology Company

Worldwide Online Payments System

A Premier Game Developer

Multinational Design & Manufacturing Corporations

Our Location

Our headquarters is located in Manchester, NH. Contact Us>>