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FlowTraq® Technology

FlowTraq is different from other products in its class because of three essential ingredients in the underlying technology that power the solution:

Proprietary, efficient parallel database design: FlowTraq’s high-speed database allows it to process massive volumes of real-time network traffic without sampling. Built using modern big data techniques, it tracks months’ or years’ worth of stored network traffic flows faster than other NetFlow-based network security tools.

High-speed filtering and detection algorithms: FlowTraq uses unique, proprietary algorithms that can learn a range of network behaviors and will instantly alert when anomalies are detected.

Scalable network clustering:  FlowTraq’s patented architecture allows it to be distributed over multiple servers that work together to form a FlowTraq Cluster for unmatched performance and high availability through a single pane of glass, regardless of traffic volume.

These technological underpinnings enable FlowTraq to help you:

Quickly detect unusual or suspicious activity that could represent a breach or other problem on the network before it causes irreparable harm.

Thoroughly investigate and perform real-time and forensic analysis on attacks and other issues with the ability to drill down into the details with a full-fidelity recall.

Fully understand what happened on the network, for how long, what systems have been affected, and much more.

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