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Case Study: Builds a Better Business Model with FlowTraq

Gurdev Sethi
By | May 8, 2015


“It’s an invaluable tool for our organization. I don’t know how we managed to run this company for 16 years without it. There really is no better product than FlowTraq out there.” — David Kopacz, CTO, is an independent premium Web hosting company that services thousands of customers around the world — from small start-ups to larger, more established organizations. And, like any hosting provider, the company prides itself on keeping its customers’ networks reliable, available and secure.

aspwebhostingcom-case-study-thumb When CTO David Kopacz was seeking a solution that would give his team increased visibility into customers’ networks — both to keep them more secure and to monitor bandwidth usage — he was disappointed in what he saw on the market. Until he discovered FlowTraq.

Read this case study to learn how leverages full-fidelity network visibility to not only improve network security for its customers – but also to gain profitability-boosting insight that has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

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