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FlowTraq Product Updates

FlowTraq Q4/13 Released

Offers nested traffic groups, support for CISCO NBAR and Palo Alto AppID, performance and UI improvements.

What’s New In Q3/13

The FlowTraq team is proud to announce the availability of the Q3/13 release of FlowTraq. This release comes with a lot of new features aimed at improving your ability to secure and manage large networks.

Webinar: “The Netflow Trifecta” for Big Data

Dr. Vince Berk, CEO of FlowTraq, will discuss the challenges of Netflow with Big Data and demonstrate: the need for Full Digital Evidence – deep analysis for post-attack forensics NBAD – Behavioral Fingerprint Generator (BFG) – machine learning to pinpoint anomalies FlowTraq Clusters – for infinitely scalable full network data recall!

FlowTraq Q2/12 Ready to Download

We’re appy to announce that the Q2/12 release of FlowTraq is ready to download, with some new features you won’t want to miss!

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