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Getting Started with AWS VPC flow logs in FlowTraq

Gain network visibility for your AWS/EC2 cloud deployed infrastructure with FlowTraq and VPC flow logs. This article explains how to convert Amazon VPC flow logs to standard IPFIX and stream them to FlowTraq for analysis and alerting.

Sony Breach Q&A

Sony Attacked. Can FlowTraq Help Detect Breaches Like That? Sony was hit by hackers on November 24, resulting in a…Read More »

The 1 Terabit DDoS

When properly orchestrated, a large distributed reflection attack can potentially sustain flood rates sustaining a terrabit or more, for extended periods of time. And as networks and server capabilities grow in the future, the potential of these attacks will continue to grow. What is important to understand is that stopping an attack of such magnitude requires hard work, and cooperation of many participating parties around the globe. Defending against an attack of this size takes time because it cannot easily be “turned off”. Here’s why:

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