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Connect With FlowTraq at FloCon 2012

Alex Barsamian
By | December 16, 2011


ProQueSys is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of, and actively participating in this year’s FloCon, 2012 Conference – Jan. 9-12 in Austin, TX.    Hosted by CERT, FloCon is an open conference that provides a forum for operational network analysts, tool developers, researchers, and other parties interested in the analysis of large volumes of traffic to showcase the next generation of flow-based analysis techniques.

This year ProQueSys will be presenting FlowTraq, a powerful flow analysis tool that offers full-fidelity flow recall (no records are aggregated) and flexible filtering, all accessible via an intuitive GUI, scriptable command-line tools, and a comprehensive API.  It is a perfect platform for academic and commercial network analysis.  It’s also priced very competitively for academic users to promote and encourage network research using flow analysis.  We invite FloCon attendees to give it a try for free at

The ProQueSys team will be on-hand to take in some interesting sessions, show off the latest release of FlowTraq, and meet with you!  To make sure we connect, please contact us to schedule a time to get together.

Let’s connect at FloCon! Tell us when you’d like to get together!


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