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Considerations of a Cyberstrike Against Syria – TechNewsWorld Discussion

By | September 19, 2013


Once Cyberweapons are Unleashed, They Don’t Disappear

In a TechNewsWorld article, “Considering a Cyberstrike Against Syria”, Dr. John Murphy,  a network security researcher with FlowTraq,shared his insights around hacked radars and the value of surprise when using cyberweapons.

Syria is no stranger to being the target of cyberweapons, observed John Murphy, a network security researcher with FlowTraq. During an Israeli action against Syria in 2007, news surfaced that a kill switch had been planted in the Arab nation’s radar installations.

“It was widely reported that this ensured the secrecy of missions and the safety of the jets,” Murphy told TechNewsWorld.

“Less remarked but just as important is that it meant Israel was able to more precisely target those radar installations from a closer distance. Fewer bombs dropped from a closer distance mean fewer bombs gone astray, and in turn fewer civilian casualties,” he explained.

“However, one aspect will weigh heavily on the minds of anyone deploying these technologies: Very often they are single-use,” Murphy pointed out.

“The kill switch trick Israel reportedly used will probably never work again,” he said. “Whatever the U.S. does, it will tip its hand to its capabilities. Every other government on the planet, friend or foe, will watch what the U.S. does and then check to see whether a similar attack would work on them.”

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