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ConverterTechnology Partners with FlowTraq to Enhance Enterprise Network Security

Gurdev Sethi
By | January 14, 2014


Message from Vince Berk, CEO, about FlowTraq Partnership with ConverterTechnology

I am pleased to announce that we are entering a business partnership with ConverterTechnology, Inc.   (Read a copy of the press release below or at ConverterTechnology.)

FlowTraq is growing quickly.  Much of that growth is in large enterprises who are adopting FlowTraq software across their infrastructures.  ConverterTechnology services the largest enterprises in the world. Their customers are typically in the international banking, financial services, energy, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

Large organizations are struggling to keep their data safe from hackers.  In addition to their expertise in enterprise migrations, the ConverterTechnology folks deliver tools that help their customers know where sensitive data is and how to preserve the integrity of business critical files and data when operating environments are changed or upgraded.

FlowTraq complements that knowledge by analyzing patterns of access to business critical files.  FlowTraq can then identify abnormal traffic, identify where data is going, triggering alerts if data leaving a network in an unexpected way.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to equip network operation security teams with tools to catch bad guys snooping around trying to get their hands on sensitive documents.

Properly securing sensitive information and servers requires experience with enterprise environments that often span multiple locations, and thousands of devices.  ConverterTechnology has this experience, and through their Office Migration work has built the experience to know where the sensitive data is located.  This partnership offers FlowTraq the ability to continue growing and deploying in Enterprise environments.  That’s why I feel this is a good business partnership and provides value to enterprise customers.

-Vince Berk, CEO and Founder, FlowTraq.

ConverterTechnology Partners with FlowTraq to Enhance Enterprise Network Security

January 14, 2014

Agreement expands ConverterTechnology’s portfolio with network analysis and forensics solution FlowTraq

Nashua, NH – January 14, 2014 – ConverterTechnology, data risk management experts, today announces a partnership agreement with FlowTraq, leading network security software provider to address the rise in data breaches and concerns related to monitoring network traffic. The partnership expands ConverterTechnology’s service offerings beyond data risk associated with Microsoft Windows and Office upgrades and provides FlowTraq an increased focus and growth from small- and mid-size companies to enterprise-level companies.


Shawn Allaway, CEO for ConverterTechnology stated, “For nearly fifteen years, our team has effectively been helping enterprise-level companies mitigate their risk when initiating an upgrade to newer versions of Microsoft Windows and Office. As we have grown, the biggest challenge for our company is to diversify in ways that augment our product line and extend into other areas of a business where risk is involved. Today, there is no greater data risk to companies than attacks on their internal systems. With FlowTraq added to our roster we can provide more comprehensive data risk mitigation solutions to the enterprise.”


FlowTraq securely stores network traffic so that organizations can monitor network performance and bandwidth consumption, catalog applications in use, and detect problematic changes in network activity cost effectively and efficiently. The solution quickly processes and analyzes large volumes of historical and real-time network traffic and provides instant alerts and identification of network anomalies so that organizations can prevent and identify vulnerabilities as they happen.


“ConverterTechnology data risk technology combined with FlowTraq detection and prevention technology will be valuable to network security operation centers that are increasingly being held accountable for the protection of corporate data. FlowTraq monitors the flow of sensitive information stored in enterprise server environments that often span multiple locations, and thousands of devices. ConverterTechnology specializes in delivering tools and professional services to manage sensitive data and essential business files,” said Vincent Berk, CEO for FlowTraq. “Entering this strategic partnership with ConverterTechnology allows us to broaden the range of enterprises FlowTraq can help protect.”


A free 14-day trial is available online.