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Cyber Threat Hunting

Discover the Power of NetFlow Security Visibility

FlowTraq is a security visibility tool that enables (network) security operators to hunt for threats, discover data leaks, spot hacker controlled systems, and investigate security breaches. Using a combination of granular behavioral profiling, threat intelligence, and big data analytics, FlowTraq does more with NetFlow than any other tool, without breaking the bank.

Built to Hunt for Threats

Cyber Hunting is the art of actively seeking out, tracking, and disabling the most skilled and dangerous network intruders.  The hunter searches for unknown threats, combining evidence, and chasing anomalies, building a comprehensive map of all hacker activity.  Once the full extent of the intrusion is understood, does the hunter move in for the kill.

Using un-sampled, 1-on-1 NetFlow, jFlow, or IPFIX, FlowTraq gathers a forensically accurate track record of traffic.  Botnet command-and-control (C2) channels are often extremely hard to expose. These communications — often small, periodic, or curiously timed — are indicators of stepping stones and compromised hosts. FlowTraq’s superior visibility and anomaly detection allow the operator to discover them, map them out, and eliminate the threat completely.

No other flow analysis tool on the market provides the level of insight you can get with FlowTraq.

At FlowTraq we believe that visibility across all segments of the network is vital to the network defender.  We believe that each router, switch, and firewall should report their flow data, so the analyst has maximum end-to-end visibility of nefarious activity in a single pane of glass.  Therefore FlowTraq is NOT priced by Interface, or Data Source,  or API calls. 

Built To Detect Behavioral Anomalies

“Security is a human problem.  Computers don’t hack computers.  Computers don’t steal each other’s data.  Security breaches are the consequence of intent, which is something only humans have.  The logical consequence is that the human adversary will change their behavior in response to defenses you put in place.” – Vince Berk, CEO of FlowTraq

Detecting changes in behavior is how FlowTraq helps the cyber defender.  FlowTraq alerts you to anomalous data movement, new services on your network, malicious botnet activity, and many other security threats.

Using patented big-data technology, FlowTraq gives you the power to analyze your adversary, at any scale.  Search and sort, slice and dice a forensically accurate record of all your flow data, to quickly understand the moves your adversary is making.

In a rapidly changing security landscape, the operator with the best visibility is the one that is most empowered.

FlowTraq Product

Built to meet Regulatory Compliance

Different networks have different record-keeping requirements. If you handle medical records you are required to show HIPAA compliance. If you handle credit card details you must maintain PCI compliance.

FlowTraq helps meet regulatory requirements such as the

  • Health Insurance Portability
  • Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)

Contact us for all specify mandatory privacy and confidentiality standards for data retention and transmission.

With a virtually unlimited number of possible attack vectors for data leaks, how do you perform a meaningful forensic investigation? FlowTraq helps you quickly and efficiently trace which systems and networks, internal or external, communicated with your critical data containers, and alerts you when data is leaking.

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