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Cyber Threat Hunting

Seek and Destroy Threats Big and Small

According to the Ponemon Institute, it takes an average of 98 days to detect a data breach. With so much at risk, this is clearly too long … and exactly why cyber hunting is so important to your overall security.

Give threat intelligence teams and cyber hunters the right tools to thoroughly examine network traffic and identify potential vulnerabilities now – before it’s too late.

The Right Cyber Hunting Weapon for the Right Security Results

FlowTraq Enterprise is the ideal tool for cyber hunters or any security professionals seeking a proactive edge against cyber attackers.

By providing unmatched visibility into your network flow data, FlowTraq Enterprise gives cyber hunters the ability to:

– Identify unexpected and anomalous behavior on the network – often the warning sign for an impending attack.
– Determine if valuable data is moving outside the organization, and if so, understand why.
– Quickly see where network traffic is going, giving cyber hunters larger perspective to understand if this behavior is valid or suspicious.

With FlowTraq Enterprise, better security starts now.

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