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DDoS Mitigation Management

Detect DDoS Fast and Manage Mitigation Automatically

FlowTraq is a DDoS Mitigation Management tool that automatically responds to DDoS attacks in seconds.  Thanks to integration with dozens of scrubbing and mitigation vendors, FlowTraq is able to automatically pick the best mitigation approach for each attack, maximizing mitigation effectiveness, and minimizing your cost-to-mitigation.

Top Brands Trust Us For DDoS Mitigation Management 

Built To Detect DDoS  

DDoS Mitigation Management is the art of architecting a denial of service defense where all resource exhaustion paths are managed,  that allows the operator to be reactive to changing tides, and is measured and correct in all mitigation responses.

FlowTraq DDoS Mitigation Mangement


An outside-to-in attack demands a different mitigation response than an inside-to-out attack.  Attacks that fill the uplinks require a different response than those that do not.  Different network topologies require different mitigation architectures.  FlowTraq is built to select the right mix of mitigations for each attack.

Compatible with all common flow formats (NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX), FlowTraq understands the nature of the attack, and how it affects your entire network.  Then it picks the optimal combination of scrubbing technology (on-prem, cloud, firewall) to minimize the impact of the DDoS.

Built For Scale

When managing the biggest attack in the biggest network, visibility should not be compromised.  FlowTraq uses a patented architecture to scale to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited flow volumes.

Capable of handling hundreds of concurrent ongoing DDoS attacks, while giving the operator unmatched visibility into the state of the network, from uplink to edge.

Built To Be Open 

FlowTraq works with a wide range of scrubbing muscle, and is comfortable in mixed-vendor environments, picking the right mitigation approach for the job at hand.

Trust FlowTraq as the brains, the scrubbers are the muscle:

On-prem scrubbers:


Cloud scrubbers: 

Advanced integrations with most leading DDoS mitigation solution providers allows FlowTraq to confirm the mitigation is working, and offers the operator a comprehensive report on each DDoS attack and mitigation response.


No scrubber? No problem. Our team of experts can help you find the best option for your network and budget, including cloud, on-prem, BGP null-route, and ACL-based solutions.

Already have the gear? No need to change it, save your money, we work with what you own. Safely mix-and-match scrubbing technologies.

So, What Does This All Cost?  

FlowTraq is easy to budget for, it starts at $4,995.  There are no extra costs for additional data sources, or endpoints. You pay for what you use, flow volume is the only factor.

You Save

Save money on peering costs by using FlowTraq’s built-in peering analysis to optimize your routing strategy

Unlimited traffic groups and unlimited users (no additional cost)

Only resort to cloud-scrubbing when uplinks are saturated

Full Featureset

Customer Portal Included: Multi-tenant portal allows ISPs, Carriers, and DataCenters the ability for end-customers access to their own flow data.

ASN Peering Analysis: Analyze which Autonomous Systems your traffic is coming from, or going to, and optimize your peering strategy to save cost.

Topology Aware: Get an accurate measurement of all traffic, regardless of what path it takes through your network. 

Cloud of vApp: Deploy FlowTraq on-prem through our flexible Virtual Appliance, or use our fully managed cloud solution.

Customer Reporting: Monetize your DDoS solution with per-customer reporting of attacks and traffic

Complex Network Support: Deal with multiple attacks at once, using fine-grained control over mitigation policy and DDoS strategy.

Powerful API, and CLI: Use the command-line with FlowTraq, or integrate with any in-house tool through our API.

Full-path Impact Analysis: Understand how each DDoS attack is affecting every segment of your network

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