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DDoS Detection & Mitigation

Identify and Defeat DDoS Attacks in Seconds

Only FlowTraq can help you detect potential DDoS attacks and trigger the necessary actions in time to defend against them.

Speed and Power: FlowTraq delivers an average detection time of just 3-5 seconds.

Transform Flow Data into a Security Advantage

The value of NetFlow, sFlow, and other data flows is tremendous, yet most flow-analysis tools fail to capitalize on their security potential.

FlowTraq Enterprise transforms flow data into a vital security advantage and provides real-time visibility into any changes on your network, including:

– Data movement that can indicate data exfiltration, especially large volumes of data that move out of your network unexpectedly.
– New servers or other hardware/devices connecting to your network.
– Communications with any black-listed service. We can even stop these communications completely.

With FlowTraq Enterprise, you can detect a full range of potential DDoS attacks, and give your security professionals the tools they need to defend against them.

With FlowTraq Enterprise, better security starts now.

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