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Enable Complete and Effective Investigations

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FlowTraq preserves full-fidelity data so you can see every session in detail.

Bad Things Will Happen to Your Computer Network

Bad guys will get in, and sensitive data will leak out. No matter your defenses, perfect security does not exist – and if you are not prepared for the aftermath, you will suffer the consequences. And when bad things happen, people want answers and patience is short. The when-what-where-and-how of a compromise or a data leak must be established quickly to assess the scope and impact of the event. Having forensic access to all flow data, from every device on your network, is the quickest way to get the answers you need.

Be Prepared – Even if You Don’t Know Exactly What it is You are Preparing For

FlowTraq keeps every flow in a scalable full-fidelity database. This allows you to rapidly search, pivot, and filter down to the traffic of interest, enabling quick answers to the difficult and potentially embarrassing questions surrounding a compromise or data leak – even if the event happened months or years ago.

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