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Enhanced Filtering, Top-N lists, and more in FlowTraq Q3/11

By | October 14, 2011


We are proud to announce the release of FlowTraq Q3/11 on 10/14/2011. Building on other enhancements delivered in 2011, which included nanosecond precision, support for VLAN IDs, and Autonomous System numbers, we’ve made incremental improvements in a number of areas:

  • Goodbye, top-10 lists; hello, top-N lists! Get up to the top 1000 hosts, host pairs, applications, interfaces, and more. This was our most-requested feature in 2011.
  • We made speed improvements to our query processing system so FlowTraq can perform complex queries faster. This was our second most-requested feature in 2011.
  • We’ve added a few filtering fields, and added the ability to type a raw query string into the GUI just like you can on the command line:
  • The database size configuration is more flexible and informative.
  • We improved the look of our printed reports, and made the Alerting and Report scheduling system more robust.

All told, FlowTraq Q3/11 is filled with new features, bug fixes, and stability enhancements. It’s is the best version of FlowTraq yet, and we think you agree.

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