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FlowTraq and Tilera Together at Interop 2012 – Las Vegas

By | April 16, 2012

Visit the FlowTraq Team in Las Vegas – May. 06, 2012 – May. 10, 2012 

See the future of business technology at Interop, the most comprehensive IT conference and expo.  Learn how key technologies work together to drive your business, including cloud, virtualization, security, mobility, data center, networking, IT management, and more.

Tilera® has solved the multi-processor scalability problem

with a revolutionary new chip architecture and a programming tool set that can harness the processing power of hundreds of cores on a single chip. Using this chip, FlowTraq solutions provide unmatched monitoring, security, and analysis of networks with multiple 10Gbps links.

At 10Gbps a network can transfer over a gigabyte of data every second. Forensic analysis of traffic at 10Gbps and faster links is a serious challenge, that cannot currently be achieved with standard off-the-shelf hardware.  Using the TilePro and TileGx family of dedicated multicore chips, FlowTraq offers the ability to keep up, and offer full forensic recall of dozens of 10Gbps links in a single solution.

Visit FlowTraq at Interop 2012Tilera and FlowTraq will be demonstrating its Gx family and netflow monitoring behind closed doors.  For an exclusive appointment, please fill out our contact form.

Visit FlowTraq and Tilera at  Interop 2012 – Las Vegas

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