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FlowTraq and Verisign Collaborate to Help with Hybrid DDoS Detection

Dr. Vincent Berk
By | April 21, 2016


There’s no denying that distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have become more sophisticated and frequent in recent years. In fact, in a recent report from Verisign*, DDoS activity in Q3 2015 increased to the highest it has been in any quarter over the last two years. Also in Q3 2015, the average attack size increased to 7 Gbps, 27 percent higher than the previous quarter.

These new realities require a new class of solutions that are built for today’s threats and environments. To combat the increasing number of threats caused by DDoS attacks, FlowTraq and Verisign have partnered, allowing joint customers to protect their networks through fast detection and mitigation. 

As traffic hits the network, FlowTraq uses advanced algorithms to quickly and effectively distinguish good traffic from harmful attacks. When a DDoS attack is detected, Flowtraq automatically alerts the Verisign DDoS Protection Service, passing on attack intel and giving customers the opportunity to request subsequent mitigation support in the Verisign cloud. Upon receiving an alert, Verisign can redirect internet traffic to their global network of DDoS Protection sites via the cloud, minimizing impact on the customer’s network.

To learn more about the partnership between FlowTraq and Verisign, download the Collaboration Between Flowtraq and Verisign for Hybrid DDoS Protection solution brief.

*Verisign, Distributed Denial of Service Trends Report Issue 2–3rd Quarter 2015 

View the most up to date Distributed Denial of Service Trends Report Volume 4, Issue 2–2nd Quarter 2017 below: