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FlowTraq available as a hosted service – Network Computing

By | September 9, 2013


Network Computing featured FlowTraq Cloud in their special coverage series “Next Generation Data Center.”

FlowTraq’s hosted model is described along with news from Barracuda, Solarwinds and Stratalux.

From the article…

“FlowTraq Moves Network Monitoring To The Cloud

FlowTraq is now supplying its network security and management software in a hosted model with the introduction of FlowTraq Cloud, which the company said stores an enterprise’s network traffic securely. Customers can track application use and monitor network performance and bandwidth consumption in a pay-per-use model.

Features include a flow record summary of network communication containing details on endpoints, service and duration, as well as support for common flow formats such as NetFlow, jFlow, CFlow, sFlow and IPFIX. Enterprises can either transmit their flow data directly to the FlowTraq Cloud or install the company FlowProxy locally in their networks to securely transmit all their flow records to the FlowTraq Cloud. Customer flows within FlowTraq cloud are kept secure and separate from other users.

FlowTraq is not the only vendor to offer network traffic monitoring via the cloud: ASCI, for example, provides cloud-based network monitoring with its Network Monitoring Center using NetFlow v9, IPFIX and JFlow traffic data.”


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