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FlowTraq Delivers Unparalleled Scalability

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FlowTraq seamlessly spreads over multiple physical servers, giving you unlimited processing power in a FlowTraq cluster.

No Compromises

Common strategies for monitoring the biggest links on the Internet include very aggressive sampling or require multiple separate analysis consoles. We feel that this is an outdated approach and that’s why with FlowTraq, you don’t have to compromise. You can have 100Gbps link, full-fidelity, 1-to-1 forensic flow analysis. Got 1Tbps? No problem.


As we stretch the limits on Moore’s law, and individual processing elements are no longer getting exponentially faster, there is a limit to the processing power of each CPU core. But that doesn’t have to limit your network security and visibility. Flow analysis is a very parallel task, so FlowTraq uses all the cores in your system. Need even more? Build a cluster of systems.

Load Balancing

FlowTraq automatically load balances over all available hardware, meaning you can simply add worker nodes and FlowTraq capacity grows. This is especially economical as it allows a grow-as-you-go deployment model for flow analysis. As your total flow volume grows, FlowTraq scales while retaining a single portal/single-pane-of-glass analysis capability and easily meeting compliance requirements. Unlike other flow products, FlowTraq does not charge based on the number of devices or interfaces, making coverage and budgeting easy and predictable.

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