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FlowTraq for A10 Thunder TPS

FlowTraq Provides Fast, Automated DDoS Detection and Mitigation with A10 TPSFlowTraq supports A10 Networks Thunder TPS

High volume network traffic analysis firm FlowTraq Inc, now supports market leader A10 Networks, Inc to bring the fastest automated DDoS mitigation solution, at significantly less cost than outdated competitive alternatives.

Fast, Automatic DDoS Mitigation with A10 TPS

A10 Networks and FlowTraq have partnered to provide a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for flow-based network insight, analysis, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation.

FlowTraq can detect DDoS attacks and react within seconds of the first connection attempt. This ensures that most operations will continue to perform as if they were never under attack. A10 Thunder™ TPS product line of threat protection systems provides high-performance, network-wide protection against DDoS attacks, and enables service availability in the face of a variety of volumetric, protocol, resource and other sophisticated application attacks.

How FlowTraq and A10 Work Together

FlowTraq uses advanced algorithms to detect DDoS attacks and many other undesirable network behaviors such as scanning, brute force password guessing, worm propagation, and data exfiltration. – and provides a direct connection to A10 Thunder mitigation devices.

FlowTraq monitors dozens of network traffic aspects, at many points in the network. When the integrity of a particular server is uncertain, that server can quickly and automatically be put into quarantine to reduce further threat or disruption of service.

After detecting critical services are under attack, FlowTraq places the A10 Thunder TPS device between the attacker and the affected server. The TPS is then instructed to allow legitimate traffic to the server, and drop all attack traffic.

Learn more

To learn more about DDoS detection, analysis and mitigation at any scale, download the FlowTraq A10 Solutions Brief. If you’d like to take it for a free test run, click to button below to request a trial of FlowTraq with A10 TPS.

How To Buy

Existing A10 customers may contact their local field sales representative, or contact FlowTraq directly for more information and pricing.