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FlowTraq on the Syrian Electronic Army Hack of the New York Times

By | August 30, 2013


The Wolf at the Door

Alex Barsamian, lead developer at FlowTraq, comments on the Syrian Electronic Army hack of  New York Times in a recent TechNewsWorld article.

“Everyone is a target,” Alex Barsamian, lead developer at FlowTraq, told TechNewsWorld. “No industry is immune to becoming a target to hacker groups like SEA.”

There is no technological fix behind what happened, nor is there a real failure as such, Barsamian contended.

“In this instance, the failure was on the part of the phisher’s marks,” he continued. “What’s unsettling is that someone with the keys to such a big kingdom was apparently tricked by the emails in the first place.”

The takeaway appears to be that organizations need to train staff about the social engineering threat and take a holistic view of IT security.

Read the full TechNewsWorld article >>


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