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FlowTraq in the Cloud

FlowTraq Cloud is our most popular and convenient option, here’s why:

When you choose FlowTraq Cloud, you are just clicks away from using a powerful network security and analytics tool that will transform your metadata into visual graphs. Depending how much data you import, you can begin detecting and uncovering anomalies almost instantly.

We Make Setting Up FlowTraq Easy and Convenient

Get up and running with FlowTraq cloud in as fast as 15 minutes. There is no hardware to setup or software to install. Our pre-built dashboards and plugins are what our customers rave about; it gives you a framework to dig into data right away!

Have Peace Of Mind

FlowTraq is built on a powerful and reliable cloud platform. Some of our partners include Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Oracle. Deploying with FlowTraq cloud gives you peace of mind because you have our incredible support team by your side.

Customize Your Workspace  

There are countless ways to customize your workspace and get the most of your data. Our tool molds to how your organization runs and your workstyle.

Have Predictability In Pricing

Pricing is based on your flow volume, measured in “Flows Per Second” (FPS). You pay for what you use. Flow volume is the only factor. 

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