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FlowTraq Q3/12 Released

Alex Barsamian
By | July 11, 2012


FlowTraq Q3/12 Released

FlowTraq Q3/12 is about to receive the QA department’s stamp of approval and will be ready for download shortly. This new version of FlowTraq packs a number of new features you’ll want to explore:

  • The Dashboard now supports several layout options, allowing for up to four columns of widgets.
  • FlowTraq now supports a flow input protocol: IPFIX over TCP.
  • Support for a new flow field: FlowTraq now supports ranking of, and filtering on, MAC address and MAC address pairs (IPFIX fields 56 and 80) as reported by your exporter.
  • Alert notifications delivered via syslog and e-mail now include some additional information including the title of the Alert.
  • We’ve added six new workspaces, including one to help identify emerging threats in the last three months. Those workspaces will be the subject of an upcoming blog series.
  • As always, in addition to new features, the new version contains lots of changes under the hood of the kind we hope you won’t notice: stability enhancements and fixes to bugs we’ve discovered and you’ve reported.

We try to take the time to listen to our customers and evaluators describe their workflow, which helps us do “the little things” a lot of software doesn’t. For instance, we revised the nomenclature of built-in views and subtly changed the layout of the View toolbar based on customer feedback that told us the old layout was confusing, and we made it so if you select a view that’s already open from the list of built-ins, that view’s tab becomes the active one. It’s the little things…

Existing users can download the FlowTraq Q3/12 update by visiting the FlowTraq Download Page.

If you don’t already use FlowTraq, you can download a trial version of FlowTraq today: Try FlowTraq.