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FlowTraq Q4/11 Released

Alex Barsamian
By | December 23, 2011


We are pleased to announce that FlowTraq Q4/11 has been released.

To recap from the beta announcement: we’ve enjoyed a fast-growing customer base this quarter, and you’ve provided us with a lot of excellent feedback which we’ve used to make FlowTraq even better than it was just a few months ago.

Among Q4’s new features:

  • Email notification (SMTP) for Alerts, Scheduled Reports, and System Messages.
  • Significantly more intuitive filtering (more info here).
  • Experimental feature: Interactive connection graphs, which let you explore the relationship between entities in pairwise views.
  • Bug fixes, UI streamlining, and other refinement.

As always, we are grateful to our users for their feedback, and wish everyone the happiest of holidays.

~The FlowTraq Team