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FlowTraq Q4/13 Released

Alex Barsamian
By | November 13, 2013


FlowTraq Q4/13 Released & Ready for Download

The FlowTraq team is proud to announce the availability of the Q4/13 release of FlowTraq.  This release provides new features aimed at improving your ability to perform network analysis to secure and manage complex networks:

Nested Traffic Groups

nested-workspaces-flowtraqIn Q4/13 you will be able to create a hierarchy of traffic groups, allowing very fine-grained control over classification of traffic.  Creating nested traffic groups allows an administrator to express both general as well as specific traffic patterns using a single set of traffic groups.  For instance, traffic groups used to classify office locations by CIDR block can now be further classified to include specific DMZ or service traffic.

Support for CISCO NBAR and Palo Alto AppID

Palo Alto firewalls, and select products form CISCO (such as the ASR-1k, and the ISR-G2 devices) feature application recognition engines.  These devices are capable of L7 application identification through additional packet inspection logic that goes beyond simple server-port tagging.  FlowTraq is now compatible with these formats and allows you to use these features of your device with FlowTraq.

Application recognition can quickly help identify changing network usage patterns, rogue applications using non-standard port numbers, and tunnels using standard port numbers to circumvent firewalls.  Traditional client and server port-based views remain available, also.

Performance and UI improvements

zooming-flowtraqClick-to-zoom: simply drag your mouse over a section of a graph to zoom in.  Support has been added for 32-bit IFindex numbers, and the dashboard has become customizable.

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