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Product Update: Flowtraq 17.2

Gurdev Sethi
By | April 7, 2017


We proudly present our next release of FlowTraq:  17.2 – this release breaks our age-old numbering system, called the “Q-releases”.  In the past we would work hard each quarter to add great features to the FlowTraq product, and title the release with the quarter in which it was built (Q1/16, Q2/16, etc.)  Now, we work even harder, and bring you a great update each quarter as well, except we number the release by the month of general availability:  FlowTraq 17.2 is the February release of 2017.  There’s a lot of great stuff in this one:

Emailed reports:

The power of FlowTraq delivered to your inbox, daily, weekly, or monthly. Comprehensive analytic reports delivered via email. The reports provide summaries of network volume,  interface intel and alert highlights. Top-N detail on Traffic Groups and Interfaces is included, with direct links to FlowTraq for deeper visibility and examination:

Sample email report in FlowTraq 17.2 Update. Schedule emails daily, weekly or monthly!


RadWare DefensePro Support:

RadWare’s DefensePro is the industry leading DDoS traffic scrubbing solution. FlowTraq analyzes how each DDoS attack impacts your network, and what paths are affected. Then traffic is intelligently re-routed through the DefensePro system to clean the attack traffic.  FlowTraq 17.2 can detect DDoS attacks and manage mitigation through the DefensePro in complex carrier, ISP, and datacenter environments, as well as the enterprise.

Automatic exporter clock skew correction:

FlowTraq 17.2 includes automatic clocks-skew correction updates the timestamps in flow records from exporters with improperly configured clocks, avoiding traffic that appears in the future, or far in the past.

Additional features and fixes:

Save workspaces to HTML to share and store key parts of sensitive security investigations

Improved multi-Dashboard interface

Improved response time on Quickview, Policy, and Alert pages for a better end-user experience

Rejection of obviously-bad flow records brings better data and more accuracy. One less concern for the operator.

Fixed issue affecting total sources count in some DDoS alerts

Fixed memory leak observed by some users on the Dashboard

Fixed line duplication in alert panel

Fixed server issue when exporting syslog to an unresolvable address

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