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Get the Fastest Detection

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FlowTraq provides powerful alerting and filtering capabilities.

Leverage the Power of Flow Data

The value of NetFlow and sFlow data is tremendous but often underestimated, and most flow analysis tools offer a very limited number of security capabilities. FlowTraq offers a wide range of detection – at no additional cost – including:


FlowTraq will detect a large range of DDoS attacks within seconds, and can automatically trigger mitigations or black hole routes.
Detect DDoS in seconds

Data Leakage

FlowTraq will detect when large volumes of data move out of your network unexpectedly.

New Servers

You will be alerted immediately when new services appear on your network.
Get alerted when new services appear

Blacklisted Communications

When your systems communicate with systems on a blacklist, FlowTraq will alert and can stop the communication.

Traffic Anomalies

When traffic deviates from normal patterns learned by FlowTraq, you will be notified.

Combined with strong multi-tenant capability and scalability, FlowTraq offers a compelling alternative to deploying multiple specific-purpose flow solutions. Both the network operator and the security operator can now use one and the same powerful flow analysis tool.

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