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FlowTraq > Your Defense Against Network Data Exfiltration

Your Defense Against Network Data Exfiltration

FlowTraq is your last line of defense against data leaks and toxic data exfiltration.

Don’t Leak Toxic Data

Toxic data is any piece of information that would do massive damage to your organization’s image and bottom line if exposed. All companies have toxic data – including medical records, financial records and credit card data, source code, and any personally identifiable information. The simple exposure of a data breach is sufficient to tarnish a company’s reputation, irrespective of the actual content and where the data went — everyone will assume the worst.

FlowTraq’s advanced network anomaly detectors will find undesired uploads and data exfiltrations from your network. Its unique filtering, combined with its full-fidelity storage, ensures that no traffic flies under your radar.

Stop Data Exfiltration in its Tracks

You already spend time and resources searching for viruses on computers, blocking SPAM, and tracking down abuse. But it’s not only worms and viruses that may be exfiltrating your most toxic data, it could be anyone within your own walls. By focusing on known external culprits, you could get blindsided by the unknown insider culprits. What truly matters in the end is whether sensitive data is leaving your network, regardless of the cause.

FlowTraq detects data movement. When your most sensitive data is on the move, your foremost concern is preventing it from leaving your network, regardless of who’s behind the exfiltration.

FlowTraq’s full-fidelity database means you have full forensic capabilities to track down where the data came from and where it’s flowing to to help you block the source of attack, as well as provide evidence to your organization and law enforcement if necessary.

Detect data exfiltration fast to ensure that no toxic data leaves your enterprise.

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