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Rock-solid Security Solutions. No Matter What Industry You’re In.

Are you doing all you can to protect data and information that’s vital to your business? FlowTraq Enterprise gives network security teams in a variety of industries a critical advantage to detect, prevent, and recover from cyber attacks.

While we can help any company in any industry, we offer a proven track record in the following industries.


Industries We Serve
Higher Education Service Providers
Manufacturing & Retail Online Gaming
Media Financial Services



Higher Education

Monitor your campus network traffic to protect students, faculty, employees, and sensitive data that resides on your network. Identify potential illegal sharing of copyrighted materials through peer-to-peer sharing. Quickly determine why there is stream of restricted information moving beyond your security perimeter – and where it is going. Learn more about FlowTraq for Higher Education.

Service Providers

Whether you’re an ISP, datacenter, cloud services provider – or “all of the above” – you need to provides uptime and reliability to meet SLAs, increase revenues, and maximize profitability. Protecting your network, your clients, or even your network from your clients is a top priority – and only FlowTraq can help. Learn more about FlowTraq for Service Providers.

Online Gaming

FlowTraq helps online gaming network operations teams keep increasingly large and sophisticated networks up and running for all users. In an industry where uptime equals revenue with latency critical servers – and gamers have no patience for downtime – security failure is simply not an option. Learn more about FlowTraq for Online Gaming.

Manufacturing and Retail

Let’s face it: Your customers and your intellectual property – and how well you protect them – are what make you stand apart from the competition. Today’s cyber attackers will target payment systems, trade secrets, financial records, personally identifiable information (PII), and other sensitive information stored in corporate databases and file servers. Learn more about FlowTraq for Manufacturing and Retail.


Today, financially motivated cyber hackers are ramping up their attacks on media organizations and the creative industry. While the infamous Sony hack received all of the news, any media organization represents a target that can be exploited by any cyber criminal. Learn more about FlowTraq for Media.

Financial Services

Hackers, identity thieves, and cyber-criminals all target financial institutions to disrupt online banking and transaction services and attempt to steal confidential financial data and records. They may also attempt to infect IT networks with malware, export large volumes of customer records, or otherwise compromise networks, applications, and data. Make sure you’re doing all you can to stay secure. Learn more about FlowTraq for Financial Services.


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