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Protecting personal information, intellectual property, and IT resources for Universities & Large Educational Institutions

Today, cyber attackers aggressively target colleges, universities, and educational institutions, exposing them to the same risks as commercial organizations. Security is at a premium in an environment where valuable information resides.

So it is no surprise that network operators see an alarming amount of network attacks originate from campus networks. From massive network scans and worm propagation to brute-force password hacking and DDoS threats, campus networks are exposed to every conceivable threat.

To find out what is happening – and where it is going – you need complete insight into your network. FlowTraq Enterprise has long been used by universities, colleges, community colleges, and regional school districts. (Discounted pricing is available for qualifying educational and not-for-profit organizations.)

To learn more about how FlowTraq is providing a security advantage for higher education, read our Georgian College and NH School Administrative Unit case studies.

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