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For Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Institutions Detect Intrusions Now, Not Tomorrow

Hackers, identify thieves, and cybercriminals target financial institutions to disrupt online banking and transaction services. As they do, they attempt to infect networks with malware, export large volumes of confidential customer records, or use other methods to compromise networks, applications, and data.

Worse, network intrusions often go undetected for months due to poor alerting of abnormal network traffic patterns and inadequate preservation of network traffic flow data. Banks, financial services institutions, and insurance companies spend millions to defend their IT networks from hacks and data breaches. In doing so, they stretch their IT budgets to the breaking point – yet don’t always have the right tools to thwart their attackers.

Fortunately, FlowTraq Enterprise is a perfect network security solution for the financial services and insurance industry. As a powerful flow collector that combines the tasks related to network monitoring, IT security, and forensics – all in one powerful, easy-to-use suite – FlowTraq delivers fast, interactive network traffic analysis.



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