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NBAD Behavioral Fingerprinting™

bnnr-flowtraq-NBAD_Infinitely Scalable Network Behavioral Anomaly Detection

The FlowTraq Behavioral Fingerprint Generator (BFG) provides the operator with powerful Network Behavioral Anomaly Detection (NBAD) capabilities by using machine-learning algorithms to pinpoint traffic on the network that is unusual, interesting, or possibly malicious.

How it Works

FlowTraq studies your network and automatically builds a ‘behavioral fingerprint’ of your traffic which it uses to find anomalous communications and alert you to them.

How it Helps

Detects suspicious data movement, DDoS attacks, botnets, spam relays, zero-day worms, host scans, network scans, DNS amplification attacks, and brute-force attempts within seconds.  The FlowTraq APIs allows for easy 3rd party integration and automatic threat mitigation.

How it Scales

Use a FlowTraq cluster to scale beyond 100Gbps and generate fingerprints for multiple sites at once.  FlowTraq uses a behavioral correlation strategy to detect patterns across multiple links, even if you have dozens of FlowTraq servers distributed throughout your enterprise.


Automatically recognizes trusted address blocks, established communication protocols, and observed trust relationships to reduce false positives and minimize lost time. Varying patterns of behavior are learned for each time-of-day and time-of-week.


FlowTraq is a full-fidelity traffic analyzer, which makes it possible to manually tune the behavioral fingerprint with domain-specific details.  At your desire, you can include and exclude any type of traffic on the fly.

SIEM Integration

Correlate anomalous traffic with system logs in Splunk™, ArcSight™, or your choice of SIEM.

MSS Ready

Use FlowTraq as a Managed Security Services platform to offer your customers visibility and security of their infrastructure through custom portals or CPE deployments.

Cloud Ready

FlowTraq is a fully virtualizable software application compatible with VMWare™, Xen™, KVM™ and many others.  Run in the cloud.  Securing the cloud.

Monitoring Security, and Forensics

One product serves to secure, manage, and optimize your IPv4/IPv6 network infrastructure.  Improve availability of critical services such as VOIP, video, and email.


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