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Netflow for MSS Providers, Call for Beta Testers, IPv6

By | December 20, 2012


The December 2012 edition of the the FlowTraq™ – by ProQSys – Network Monitoring, Security and Forensics Newsletter

  1. FlowTraqfor MSS/MSP
  2. We Need You!  Seeking FlowTraq Beta Testers
  3. Not Just IPv6 Compatible… IPv6 Friendly
  4. Flow-Based Behavioral Fingerprinting @FloCon
  5. Detect the Top 5 Q3 Security Threats in 1 Workspace


 1. NetFlow Analysis for MSS/MSP

Managed security services (MSS) providers, cloud providers, ISPs, and hosting companies: did you know you can manage multiple customer networks through a single FlowTraq system? Cost-effectively offer FlowTraq to your customers and improve visibility and security at the same time.Use FlowTraq to differentiate your service offerings, or offer it as a premium add-on.


2. We Need You! Seeking FlowTraq Beta Testers

We have innovations planned to make FlowTraq even faster, more flexible, and easier to use.  But to make sure we’re building what you need, we’re inviting a select group of industry professionals to participate in our FlowTraq Beta Testing Group.
Contact FlowTraq to learn more about our Beta Tester Programs


3. Not Just IPv6-Compatible… IPv6 Friendly

IPv4 won’t last forever, so you need your tools to be IPv6 compatible. FlowTraq talks IPv6 natively. But it also does you one better: with easy IPv6 filtering and viewing, FlowTraq lets you evaluate just how compatible all your other tools are, so you can prove that you’re ready for IPv6.
Try FlowTraq’s IPv6 Workspace – Free for 14 Days!


4. Flow-Based Behavioral Fingerprinting @FloCon

Interested in learning more about the algorithms we’re developing at FlowTraq? FlowTraq’s Alexander Barsamian is giving a talk at FloCon 2013 next month on identifying network users using flow-based behavioral fingerprinting. He’ll talk about some of the features we extract from flow data to create unique user fingerprints, and how well these algorithms fare at identifying users on a 500-user network. Hope To See You @FloCon January 7-10, 2013!


5. Detect the Top 5 Q3 Threats in 1 Workspace

A successful NetFlow-based security workspace includes strong indicators: IP addresses or ports that are far more likely to be associated with malicious behavior than normal or benign behavior.  We selected five threats this quarter from among the new or renewed threats discussed in the security community during Q3 and created a FlowTraq Workspace to help you to easily detect these threats in your environment:

  • FinFisher / FinSpy
  • ZeroAccess /ZAccess
  • Win32/Poison.BE/BR
  • Win32/CVE-2012-4969.C
  • BAT/Banload.A (Many aliases)

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