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Network intelligence meets user activity intelligence

Gurdev Sethi
By | April 28, 2015


We watch network traffic. However…

Are we so focused on network behavior that we forget to step back and look at security issues from the security customer point of view? What about user behavior? A threat that starts and ends on the outside – but behaves very much as an insider threat does – is worth watching.

The imposter: an external actor who hijacks valid credentials and uses that “authorized” access to locate, steal, and otherwise damage confidential information and systems.

flowtraq-spectorsoft-sb-thumb The imposter is dangerous – but with the right tools and focus, they can be caught and stopped. Since user credentials or network credentials may be compromised, focus on user behavior and network behavior is needed to detect the imposter.

Network intelligence meets user activity intelligence.
Today we are announcing a partnership with a company that we believe perfectly complements FlowTraq network behavior intelligence. Our friends at SpectorSoft offer user activity intelligence capability to seek out anomalies and detect, alert and respond to insider threats.

SpectorSoft has a great track record working with government organizations, financial institutions, manufacturing companies and many others. To learn more, take a look at the solution brief and read the guest blog post by Mike Tierney, chief operating officer at SpectorSoft.

For a demonstration of either FlowTraq or SpectorSoft, contact me at