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By | November 21, 2013


Using FlowTraq, NH SAU70 Achieves a Perfect Balance Between Streaming Needs and Internet Abuses

This NH school unit firmly believes in enhancing education by giving faculty and students access to Internet resources but also needed to ensure movies and other copyrighted material are not illegally downloaded and shared. This requirement was particularly challenging because of the school’s policy of allowing end users to access the wireless network with their own devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Download this case study to discover:

  • How NH SAU70 was able to proactively limit bandwidth usage, and
  • Prevent Copyright Violation issues
  • Implement responsible bandwidth throttling to discourage inappropriate Internet usage
  • Achieve a perfect balance between video needs and limiting Internet abuses
  • How the School Administrative Unit benefited from from FlowTraq’s personal and expert support

SAU70_coverFlowTraq Case Study-SAU70 (PDF)