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Pricing is based on your flow volume, measured in “Flows Per Second” (FPS).

You pay for what you use, flow volume is the only factor.

FlowTraq allows you unlimited interfaces, users, data source, and API calls. You receive greater transparency with us. We keep budgeting easy for you.

Our customers love FlowTraq because it’s easy to get started.  You can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.  No hardware to setup, no software to install.  Built upon the powerful and reliable cloud platforms of our partners AWS, Azure, and Oracle.

Just point your flow and GO!

Annual FlowTraq Subscription Pricing


Medium Large

Up to

7,500 FPS

Up to

25,000 FPS

Up to

50,000 FPS

$4,995 $15,995


We also have perpetual licenses available. FlowTraq scales to any volume.  More than 50kfps?  The better your discount!  Call us.

Try FlowTraq Free for 30 Days

Here’s a short list of what’s included in FlowTraq:

Free Trial
FlowTraq Exporter
Reliable Hosting
Easy setup
Unlimited traffic groups
Unlimited devices
90 days of Full Fidelity recall of every flow record
Email alerts
Plugins and add-ons for no additional cost. Ever.


Is this an annual contract, monthly pricing or a one time fee?

We have listed out our annual pricing.  You can also pay month-by-month.  If you require multiple years in advance, please contact us for a discount!  We also offer perpetual and subscription licenses in which you can deploy on your own servers. We will work within your budget and business model.

Can I try out FlowTraq first?

We’d love for you to test drive FlowTraq. You can get set up right away and start detecting suspicious activity, catch unknown attacks, and stop unwanted data exfiltration in its tracks. Most of our customers spend 30 days evaluating FlowTraq, and 72% buy

What if we need more than 30 days to evaluate FlowTraq?

If you haven’t purchased FlowTraq before the trial ends, and you need a little more time, just let us know!

Okay, I’m ready to get started Now What?

Fill out this short form, we work to get back you quickly, we will walk you through our product and get you all set up on a free trial.  

Do you have on-site training?

We have certified consultants available to assist you with the planning, installation, implementation, and deployment of FlowTraq.

Not sure which plan is best for you? Our friendly team of netflow experts will get your questions answered.

Try FlowTraq Free for 30 Days


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