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FlowTraq Product Update: Version 17.7

Gurdev Sethi
By | September 1, 2017


FlowTraq – Version 17.7 brings product updates, bug fixes and new features.

Here is what this update means to you:

Gain efficiency and speed when filtering.

Increase security visibility through new workspaces.

Expansion of API for custom integrations.

#1 – We changed the way we index our disk databases, this means:

  • Data can be found more efficiently
  • Enjoy a huge speed improvement when you are filtering IP addresses, partitions, or traffic groups
  • Observe  speedier queries when serviced from disk or archive

#2 We increased security visibility with Workspace feeds right on your dashboard!

FlowTraq is a security tool, and many useful security-relevant work-spaces are available directly in the product.  

To broaden security value, FlowTraq is proud to offer a feed of workspaces right on your dashboard.  

We update the stream each time relevant workspaces are available for current events.


#3 Landmark expansion of API for custom integrations.

Many of you have been using FlowTraq as an integral part of your security operations, and we pride ourselves on the ability to embed FlowTraq data in other applications.  

We have added powerful new calls to access FlowTraq metadata, and the ability to configure your clusters through our API.

Next Steps

Gain more insight into our updates and learn more by viewing the changelog.

All active customers should have received a link to upgrade in their email, please reach out if you have any questions.

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