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The Most Powerful Network Monitoring and NetFlow Analysis Solution

Detect and eliminate advanced threats faster – and more effectively – than expensive alternatives.

FlowTraq’s network monitoring, analysis, and forensics tools provide complete visibility into what’s happening on your network so you can mitigate risks and enforce security policies. With real-time alerts into abnormal, potentially suspicious behavior, you get the information you need to take action without delay.

FlowTraq Enterprise: Complete Insight, Complete Control

FlowTraq Enterprise gives IT and security professionals deep insight, high visibility, and complete understanding of what’s happening on their networks at all times. Using NetFlow data, FlowTraq Enterprise models the behavior of network devices and creates real-time alerts when behaviors change. As a result, you can investigate suspicious activity and take fast action to eliminate DDoS, data exfiltration, and other threats. Read More>>

Enterprise-Class Security, Now Delivered as a Service
Take advantage of a powerful security solution delivered as a SaaS solution. Minimize costs while eliminating the need to deploy, maintain, and upgrade software. As a result, your IT team can get back to what’s really important – focusing on improving your organization’s security. Read More>>

FlowTraq Exporter

FlowTraq Exporter is a free software solution that exports NetFlow v5 or v9 to up to 16 flow collectors, including FlowTraq Enterprise. FlowTraq Exporter is extremely effective when used in combination with other export-capable devices and sensors such as network switches or hardware. Read More>>


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