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FlowTraq Enterprise immediately detects deviations that indicate network reconnaissance, data exfiltration, DDoS attacks, and other unwanted behavior changes on the network so you can act fast. FlowTraq delivers network behavior anomaly detection with unmatched performance. It learns the behaviors that are typical on your network, including common outliers, and tracks patterns for each time of day. And FlowTraq provides full data recall, so you can go back – as far as you need to – to figure out what happened.

Infinite scalability

Unlike other solutions that aren’t built to handle today-sized networks, FlowTraq was specifically designed to handle unlimited volumes of traffic data by making optimal use of modern multicore processors.

Full-fidelity flow recall

Thanks to a full-fidelity parallel database, FlowTraq can recall every individual traffic flow that crossed your network, no matter how long ago.

Flow format compatibility

FlowTraq is compatible with all the common flow formats – including NetFlow, sFlow®, IPFIX, cFlow, J-Flow, and PCAP – whether sampled or not.

Easy web access

FlowTraq can be accessed through any browser-enabled device, which provides you with the flexibility to protect your network from anywhere and at any time.

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With FlowTraq Enterprise, better security starts now.

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