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FlowTraq Exporter

Increase Insight and Complement Security Tools to Improve Security Operations

FlowTraq Exporter is a free software solution that exports NetFlow v5 or v9 to up to 16 flow collectors, including FlowTraq Enterprise.

FlowTraq Exporter is extremely effective when used in combination with other export-capable devices and sensors such as network switches or hardware. All of this helps you monitor and optimize your network.

Powerful Advantages. Powerful Results.

FlowTraq Exporter is useful in the following ways:

– When a NetFlow-, sFlow-, J-Flow-, or cflow-capable device is not available, or cannot be configured with the necessary export fields.
– To avoid putting additional CPU and memory load on existing switching or routing infrastructure.
– To monitor traffic at specific hosts or servers, particularly in cloud deployments.
– To convert existing packet capture files (PCAP) into flows for analysis though FlowTraq Enterprise.

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