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FlowTraq Exporter: Free Netflow Exporter Tool

Start Exporting NetFlow v5, v9 and IPFIX

FlowTraq Exporter is a free software flow exporter. It works on Linux, BSD, and Windows, exporting NetFlow up to 16 flow collectors, including FlowTraq Enterprise.

Increase security visibility by deploying the software exporter on servers, firewalls, or dedicated capture hosts.

Netflow Analyzer Software Exporting up to 60Gbps

Use our Free NetFlow Exporter when:

– NetFlow-, sFlow-, J-Flow-, or IPFIX-capable device is not available, or cannot be configured with the necessary export fields.

– To avoid putting additional CPU load on existing switching or routing gear.

– To monitor Cloud Servers.

– To convert existing packet capture files (PCAP) into flows

Try FlowTraq Exporter today.

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