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Netflow In The Cloud

Our servers or yours?
You decide.  

FlowTraq  Cloud

Easy way to get started.  No hardware to setup.  Unlimited devices.  Point your flow and GO!

FlowTraq Cloud is hosted in the super reliable cloud environments at AWS, Azure, and Google.  Simply create your account, and start analyzing flow today. 

Included with FlowTraq Cloud:

All security capabilities of FlowTraq, including:

  • DDoS detection, data leak detection, zombie botnet detection, and data leak detection
  • Daily traffic reports in your inbox
  • 90 days of Full Fidelity recall of every flow record
  • Up to 3 individual user accounts
  • Unlimited Devices, Unlimited traffic groups
  • Supports syslog and email alerts

Deploy Your Own

Prefer to keep your flows close to home?  You can still pay-as-you-go!  Download the FlowTraq Virtual Appliance Container, and deploy on your own server, in your own datacenter, or on your own cloud.

SaaS Pricing or Perpetual Pricing

FlowTraq offers SaaS pricing as well as perpetual pricing for on-prem deployments.

Benefits of deploying FlowTraq on your own:

  • Multi-tenant capable, create thousands of partitions for end-customers
  • Fine-grained control over DDoS mitigation management
  • You control Full Fidelity flow recall, from months to years
  • Unlimited individual user accounts
  • Write your own plugins and modules for integration with in-house tools


Looking for more options still?  We offer dedicated cloud instances that support custom configurations and unlimited users.

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