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FlowTraq Enterprise

Complete Network Visibility. Complete Security Control.

FlowTraq Enterprise gives security professionals and cyber hunters the complete visibility they need to monitor complex networks.

This powerful solution helps you detect and alert on suspicious activity. This helps prevent DDoS and brute force attacks, malware, zero-day threats, malicious botnets, new viruses, and other threat vectors.

How FlowTraq Enterprise Works

– FlowTraq Enterprise uses NetFlow data to analyze existing network traffic.
– Our powerful network behavioral engine “learns” the various patterns of behavior on your network.
– Then, when any server, device, or specialized system starts to behave in a way outside these normal patterns, FlowTraq Enterprise will generate a real-time alert.
– Armed with this information, security team members can quickly drill down to investigate exactly what happened – and why.
– You will quickly understand if this new behavior represents a potential security threat – without wasting so many man-hours combing through the data.

What We Defend

Only FlowTraq Enterprise gives you the real-time visibility to detect and defend against the worst cyber threats:


With FlowTraq Enterprise, better security starts now.

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