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Shrimp Cocktail and Beer Led Me to Sell Network Security Software

Gurdev Sethi
By | January 19, 2016


Security engineers loathe sales reps and their pitches. They prefer to “talk technical” and put a lot more faith in the “voice-of-the-fellow-NSOC-users,” than the “voice-of-the-frenzied-sales-rep-trying-to-make-end-of-quarter-sales-numbers.”

Funny thing is I was once a techie, doing software development and technical support at a defense contractor delivering 3D Graphics subsystems for flight simulators and other interesting applications. But I crossed over to the “dark side” a long time ago when I became a commissioned sales representative for that company. I’ve often said it was the pile of shrimp cocktails, beer and wine in the customer demo suite, not the money, that lured me.

Unfortunately for engineers like yourself, you’ve been subjected to an unpleasant and stereotypical sales experience, often compared to car sales. That stinks for me, the “ex-techie, now sales guy,” as I prefer to try to understand the problems a product can solve and the benefits it can offer, so I can convey those messages in a way that is believable for potential customers.

Quite simply, the best way to truly understand the value of a product is to listen carefully to existing users. Fortunately, this is something we often do at FlowTraq.

Recently we released a significant new upgrade, version Q32015. We can tell you a lot about the new features, but wouldn’t you rather hear what our users think?

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what we’ve heard from actual (paying) customers. They come from a mix of Fortune 500 organizations, government agencies, large universities , managed services and financial transaction companies.

“FlowTraq is an analysis tool weighed heavily towards network troubleshooting, security detection and mitigation. It provides reports and long term network traffic trends. The new QuickView feature quickly shows long term traffic trends.”

“FlowTraq makes it easy for us to create our own plug-in add-ons. Our plug-in writer can write a script for a unique action for any alerting function, such as automatically stopping a suspected data exfiltration. Custom plug-ins are easily added to our security policies page in FlowTraq.”

“FlowTraq’s inherent DDoS detection capabilities are surprisingly more advanced than I expected.”

“For security people who may have thought they need to spend millions of dollars on other solutions, FlowTraq is relatively inexpensive for grabbing flows. It is clusterable.”

“I brag to my network security friends how good FlowTraq is for flow analysis and peeling away layers of the security onion. In a sea of needles, it helps me identify which needles to look at.”

“I like FlowTraq better than the previous NetFlow analysis solution because I can define arbitrary queries on traffic data.”

“I need the analysis software to perform fast when we are under attack. Budget constraints sometimes limit us to deploying underpowered servers to handle high volume network traffic flows. FlowTraq is the fastest and most cost-effective NetFlow analysis tool we’ve used.”

“In the past, if I set 12 detectors that would put a load on the system. Now, with the new FlowTraq, it doesn’t add CPU load, and the extra workload put on the FlowTraq cluster is practically zero.”

“Say we notice that our southeastern data center traffic is slow and we want to know what’s going on. We use FlowTraq to look at traffic by flow export devices first. That’s a starting point, then we can take action from there.”

“The new QuickView feature in FlowTraq allows users to now have rapid traffic querying capabilities that previously were slow or impractical.”

“There are occasions when we are unsure if a server has been doing something naughty. So we use FlowTraq for forensics, to figure out, for example, if data packets coming out from a box are heading to an undesirable outside destination.”

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