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Network Security Solutions by FlowTraq

Use FlowTraq for network security and performance monitoring to provide deep insight, high visibility, and valuable understanding of complex network infrastructures. With FlowTraq, users gain an unprecedented level of network situational awareness that facilitates fast and easy monitoring, quick security analysis, and complete forensic recall of any traffic that crosses their network, thus reducing organizational risk.


FlowTraq solves these problems in network security operations centers


DDoS Mitigation Management 

Cyber Threat Hunting

Botnet and Anomaly Detection

DDoS and Brute Force Attack Characterization

Worm and Scan Detection

Data Exfiltration Monitoring

Data Breach Analysis

Forensic Analysis




FlowTraq software products include FlowTraq  and Flow Exporter. FlowTraq has over 2,600 customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, ISPs, Managed Service Providers, government, schools, and universities.


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