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The Running of the iPods

Dr. John Murphy
By | September 20, 2013


Those who are monitoring their traffic this week may have noticed a curious increase in traffic to Apple (ASN714; top graph of sessions initiated) and Akamai (various ASNs, bottom graph of bytes transferred). One need not look far to find the culprit:

the 750MB iOS 7 release on Wednesday, Sept 18th.



The exact time of the start of the onslaught depends on your time zone relative to California, but if you have any number of Apple devices on your network, you’re likely to see some increase in traffic in the coming days.

Early adopters are driving the traffic now, but in the past we’ve seen that pattern grow as people hear about new features (or wait as bugs get patched). We recommend keeping an eye on it, in case it gets out of hand and your users need to be asked to hold off until off-peak hours.

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