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Webinar: “The Netflow Trifecta” for Big Data

By | September 11, 2012


Webinar: “The NetFlow Trifecta for Big Data”

When an incident occurs, can your team confidently answer these critical questions with your current monitoring software?

1.    Where did the threat come from?

2.    When did the activity start?

3.    Who and what else may have been affected?

As the size and complexity of networks increase to handle enterprise data needs, standard NetFlow/sFlow/IPFIX monitoring tools are not enough. To protect the productivity and security of the business, IT professionals need FlowTraq’s “NetFlow Trifecta for Big Data”: Full Digital Evidence at 40Gbps+, NBAD, and Scalability…

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Dr. Vince Berk, CEO of FlowTraq, will discuss the challenges of Netflow with Big Data and demonstrate: