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Welcome to the DDoS Battle, AWS!

By | December 7, 2016

Recently Amazon Web Services announced that they are offering both free and premium DDoS mitigation services during their re:Invent Conference, called AWS Shield.

We at FlowTraq wanted to take a moment and welcome Amazon to the DDoS protection space. There are many different types of attacks, as we have outlined in the past, and AWS Shield will end up being a strong name in the space in the months and years to come.

Attacks like the DNS one that was witnessed in October 2016 will become more and more common, and the complexity of the attacks will only increase. CISOs and NOC teams will need better diagnostics into what has occurred – and by whom. Tools such as FlowTraq will be used to provide insight, and to prove that their providers like AWS Shield have performed the mitigation they’ve claimed.

In addition to protecting you from DDoS, consider using VPC flow logs to feed FlowTraq and understand the full spectrum of security threats that your instances are facing. FlowTraq consumes the flow logs and offers the full spectrum of peering analysis, security detection, and traffic monitoring that customers are familiar with for their in-house infrastructure, all of which is available to their cloud deployed hosts. Read more about how to get started with AWS VPC flow logs in FlowTraq.

Fighting these DDoS attacks isn’t always about having the biggest weapon, but rather, having the appropriate arsenal and the right tools in your tool belt.

So today, we say to AWS, welcome the battle!

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