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Why FlowTraq is the Global Leader in Network Insight, Analysis, and DDoS Mitigation – Plus, a Closer Look at our Partnership with A10 Networks

By | January 26, 2017


FlowTraq has been a trusted partner of network clients since our founding in 2004. And in the decade since, we’ve worked with systems admins, CISOs, and network operators to provide the most complete – and flexible – solutions for threat detection and mitigation on the market.

Not only were we the first to bring network analysis to the cloud for Big Data analysis, we have built our cybersecurity solutions on a best-in-class Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) threat detection and mitigation technology. FlowTraq allows network operators to prevent disruptions to service and outages from DDoS and other malicious threats. We also give them the data and proficiency to conduct deep dives into their network flow that is necessary to improve the security of their networks.

Network operators face a variety of challenges as they maintain and optimize performance, guard against external and internal threats, and anticipate and architect for the capabilities of the future. DDoS traffic is intentionally generated to take out online services for a host of reasons: ego, extortion, or reprisal. Vigilant security requires knowing what traffic behavior is occurring on the network, what traffic types are involved, and where in the network your normal and abnormal traffic is occurring. Knowing what path this traffic takes allows you to respond intelligently and decisively.

a10-partyFlowTraq’s long-standing partner relationship with A10 Networks underscores how our joint expertise provides a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for flow-based network insight, analysis, and DDoS mitigation. More, it is just one example of the Network partnerships that we have successfully deployed. In fact, FlowTraq and A10 Networks will be co-sponsoring an event together at RSA this February. (Send us an email at to get your name on the list)!

Here’s How It Works

As traffic traverses the network, it is monitored by FlowTraq, which receives flow samples from routers in various parts of the network and determines traffic baselines. When a network anomaly is detected, FlowTraq, using A10’s RESTful API interface, tells the Thunder TPS line of Threat Protection Systems which protected object is under attack as well as which mitigation action is required.

ft-blog-image-of-flowA10’s Thunder TPS device, in turn, instructs the network to redirect the malicious traffic to the Thunder TPS. The traffic gets scrubbed of the malicious components, and legitimate traffic is forwarded to the target server.

The integration between FlowTraq Enterprise and Thunder TPS solution is best in class and one of the most effective and scalable ways to protect your network from bad actors. In near real-time, network traffic patterns are analyzed, can be accessed and presented to gain insight and provide protection against malicious DDoS attacks.

Deploying Thunder TPS with FlowTraq Enterprise provides:

Deep traffic analysis: FlowTraq provides insight at any level of your network traffic flows: border, core, and edge.

Automated detection and mitigation: Easily escalate suspect traffic to one or more Thunder TPS devices for further traffic validation and DDoS mitigation. FlowTraq analyzes normal network patterns and automatically determines when an anomaly is occurring. Thunder TPS quickly eliminates DDoS traffic, whether volumetric or targeted on the application layer or both.

All the benefits of a single pane of glass: FlowTraq becomes the operator’s eyes and ears into the mitigation by showing exactly how each TPS is doing, and how the attack is affecting all your network resources, from uplink to edge. By orchestrating the DDoS mitigation, FlowTraq allows the operator to interact in real-time with the attack, ensuring minimal impact of the DDoS attack.

Optimal latency: With FlowTraq and Thunder TPS, a dynamic and reactive deployment model can be deployed. FlowTraq continuously monitors the traffic and establishes baselines, and provides rapid detection of anomalies with no added latency. Thunder TPS can dynamically be inserted when necessary.

Additional Benefits of our Relationship with A10 Networks

FlowTraq is a full-fidelity security tool. When the going gets tough, and the bad guys get in, FlowTraq has all the data. You can cyber-hunt with speed and efficiency to find out what happened, when, and where your data went. Even during heavy DDoS attack, full-fidelity data is a powerful asset to fine-tune your mitigation and traffic routing.

FlowTraq scales to fit. This means you can deploy big or small to best fit your budget. Cloud or on-prem. Many small links? Then build an on-prem scrubbing center with A10 TPS, and let FlowTraq be your traffic cop. Big service in the cloud? FlowTraq will comfortably handle a 1.2Tbps scrubbing cluster built with TPS.

– Use FlowTraq to gain new levels of insight and visibility in your peering relationships. Understand where your traffic is going and where it is coming from. Tailor your mitigation strategy to handle the many small threats, the few big, and one monster attack. Only the visibility from FlowTraq gives you the power to take control.

Deploy efficiently and on schedule with a dedicated Technical Account Management team. FlowTraq has the experience to ensure successful deployment. We can help maximize and tune the TPS capabilities, which includes everything from generating net flow on high volume networks to integrating full visibility and control into your existing tools.

If you are evaluating the A10 TPS for DDoS mitigation, you should also talk to a member of the FlowTraq team to make the most of your deployment.

To learn more about how FlowTraq partners with A10 Networks, or to discuss how our solutions can work for your network or infrastructure, please contact me directly at or signup for a free 14-day trial.

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